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22 April 2011 @ 02:13 pm
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The Arch Angel of Titus
The Arch Angel of Titus: The Above Is A Famous Relief From The Arched Gate of The Emperor Titus In Rome,
This Ancient Memorial Stone Commemorates The Plundering And Destruction of Jerusalems Temple 70 AD.

One of Many Legends Is The Silver & Gold Temple Treasures & Furnishings Taken From King Herods
Temple In Jerusalem Financed The Building of Romes Great Coliseum Which Became Famous For Its
Gladiator Blood Sports. 'Oddly Enough' If In Fact The Temple Treasures & Furnishings Magically Morphed To
Become Romes Great Coliseum They Were Also Sprinkled With Blood Often To Magically Keep The Law of Moses.

According To Ancient History Records, Not Long After The Death of Christ A Great Revolt Rose Up In Israel During Which The Inhabitants In The Wilderness
of Judea Massacred A Roman Garrison And Only A Few Men Escaped To Tell The Tale. The Judean Event Brought To Jerusalem A Entire Roman Legion Sent To
Keep The Peace And To Put Down The Revolution; Shortly After Their Arrival The Roman Legion Was Also Attacked & Forced To Retreat The Violent Civil UnRest.
To Rome This Event Was A Slap In The Face & Embarassment To Romes Diplomats & The Diplomatic Processes of Rome Famous For Its International Diplomacy;
Treaties; Agreements; Policies; And Very Famous For Its Great Power & Authority To Police The World Keeping Its Trade Routes Safe & Secure By The Pure Force
of Its Battle Hardened Military Might; Well Tested; Well Trained; Well Equiped; And Quite Capable of Crushing Any Rebellion Considered Threatening & Harmful To
Romes Great Reputation & To The Security of The Worlds Economic Prosperity Taxed To Death Under Romes Resolve & Motto: 'Pax Romana' Peace Romes Way.
That One Small Hostile Event In Judea Is What Brought The Great General Vespasian To Jerusalem To Seize The City And In The Midst of The Military Campaign
The Emperor of Rome 'Nero' Died And Vespasian Took The Throne Handing The Jerusalem Campaign Over To His Son Titus Who Destroyed Jerusalems Temple In
The Year 70 AD And In A Series of Related Events The Entire City of Jerusalem Was Completely & Utterly Leveled And Made Desolate Without Native Inhabitants.

'Oddly Enough' Neros Death In 68 AD Is The Event That Led To Vespasian Taking The Throne of Rome In The Year 69 AD Which Also Became Famous In
Roman History For Being Known As 'The Year of 4 Emperors' Because Following Neros Death 3 Successive Emperors To The Throne All Died Premature
Deaths And Rome Witnessing The Rise & Fall of 4 Emperors In A Year Brought As Much Violence & Civil Un-Rest To Rome As There Was In Jerusalem.

History Indicates That Beginning About The Year 66 AD Jerusalem Turned Hostile To Rome; Was Besieged & Severely Sanctioned For About
3 1/2 Years. Rome Had Strangled & Cut Off The Food & Water Supply To The City And The Inhabitants Starved & Resorted To Cannibalism;
The Masses Were Sickened & Diseased And All Those Attempting To Escape The Seizure Were Brutally Crucified; Enslaved Or Slaughtered.
According To Biblical Records & Archaeological Evidence Jerusalem Has Been Saved; Destroyed & Built Again Many Times Through The Ages;
And Once Again The Religious Masses Enlightened By The Knowledge of God & Enlightened By The Knowledge of History Found Themselves Looking
Directly Into The Face of History Repeating Itself And Found Themselves Looking Directly Into The Face of Gods Prophetic Word Made Manifest And Perished.
Perhaps Many Crucified Corpses Were Catapulted Back Into The City To Be Meat During The Great Seizure And Rained Down Like Manna From Heaven Upon The
Inhabitants of That Jerusalem Looking Upon The Carcasses of The Dead Echoing The Words "Unless You Eat My Flesh & Drink My Blood You Have No Life In You".

During The Time of Jerusalems Temple Destruction In 70 AD Not One Stone Was Left Upon Another As Foretold In The Prophetic Message of The Christ.
~ Oddly Enough This Historic Event Was Censored & Banned From The Bible ~

Had Those Testimonies & History Records Not Been Strangled; Cut Off; Censored; And Banned From Bibles
They Would Now Be Sitting In Their Proper & Rightful Place Between The 4 Gospels & The Revelation of Christ
Shedding Great Light On The Fullness of The Christs Message And The Spirit of Gods Covenant & Prophetic Word.
~ Sanctioning The Testimony And The Fullness of The Prophetic Word ~
(Rev 19:10)

How Often Did The Religious Edit; Alter & Erase Historic Evidence & Censor Information To Cover Up & Hide The Fact That Their Creeds; Doctrines; Dogmas;
Teachings; Laws; Evidence; History & Bibles Are Full of Church & State Lies & Propaganda For Greed & Power To Control The Minds & Educations of The Masses ?
Historically Church & State Empires Are Famous For Despising Nature & Common Sense And Altered History; Events; Times; Laws; Holidays; And Calendars.
History Indicates Jerusalem Was Defending Itself Very Well Against The Wolves of Rome And Had More Than Enough Preserves Stored In City Vaults To Survive
The Seizure Until Mysterious Fires Broke Out In Their Harvest Vaults Resulting In The Loss of Their Independence And Making Them Subject To Romes Sanctions.

The Messenger of The Vengeance & Mercy of Gods Covenant: Part of The Christs Message Was For The Salvation & Destruction of Jerusalem That Began 66 AD.
Seeing Jerusalems Ancient History Often Repeat Itself, The Same Spirit of Truth Often Showed Up Dressed In Different Clothes And Was Accepted or Rejected.
God Often Sent Angels/Messengers/Historians/Saviors To Jerusalem With A Navigation Compass To Enlighten Their Path And To Change Their Direction From The
Course That Was Leading Them To Their Own Self Destruction. The Christ Was The Brightest of The Many Messengers; Historians; And Prophets That God Sent
To Jerusalem And His Message Regarding The Coming Destruction of Jerusalem 66-70 AD Was A Very Large Focal Point During His Ministry & Administration And
On Just Scales Would Have Been Equally As Large As His Message of The Peace In The Kingdom of God. All But A Few Crumbs of Those Records Were Completely
Butchered & Banned From The Bible. The Message of The Coming Horrific Destruction of Jerusalem During That Period of Time Was So Large & So Magnified
That It Would Have Been Viewed As A Very Serious Threat To The Security of Jerusalems Authorities And A Very Serious Threat To The Security of Romes
Authorities And Therefore Would Have Been Viewed As A Very Serious Threat To The Marriage of The Church & State Government of Jerusalem & Rome.

The Censoring & Banning of Those Records From The Bible That Indeed FullFilled Christs Message & Prophecy & The End of That Jerusalem Age
Was Not Only A Great DisService To The Christ & His Great Message, But It Was Also A Great DisService To The Prophets; History; And Men.
~ They Suffered Not The Full End of That Jerusalem Age To Be Laid To Rest Nor The Fullness of The Body of That Age To Be Put En Graves ~

In Memory of The Marriage of The Church & State Government of Jerusalem & Rome
~ And In Memory of Their Horrific Divorce 66-70 AD ~

In Memory of The Great Nipple On
The Breast of The Arch of Tit/us. 

The Arch Angel of Titus
The Great Pap; Relief; Carving; Nipple; Historic Projection Protruding From The Breast Plate of The Arch.
The Arch of Titus Was Built In The Year 81 AD Many Jews Were Later Forced To Take A Oath of Submission
At This Arched Gate And Many Jews Refused To Walk Under or Through This Arched Gate Until The Year 1948.
~ Smite The Thigh, The Word Struck In The Thigh of An Arch ~
[Math 24:2] [Luke 21:5] [Luke 21:20]

The Light of The Body Is The Eye ? Note The Solid Gold Lamp Stand 'The Jewish Menorah'
  Tis The Image & Likeness of The Burning Bush With 7 Branches; 7 Horns; And 7 Eyes of Fire.
~ If Thy Eye Be Single A Tree of Light With Seven Branches ~
(Rev 2:1)(Rev 2:7)(Rev 22:14)    
Oddly Enough: Like 'Judas' That Jerusalem Was Choked; Strangled; And Sanctioned To Death;
Rome Was Like A Rope Around The Neck/Walls of That Jerusalem And Crushed The Temple/Head.

With The Name of The Father 'Vespasian' And With The Name of The Son 'Titus'
And With The Name of The Spirit of Rome 'Pax Romana' All Those Who See
Are Paptized Under The Breast of Romes Mighty One & Mighty Deed.
The Arch Angel of The Stone The Builders of Bible Rejected
~ The Great Memorial Stone & Light of 70 AD ~ 
~ The Paptism of An Arch ~
Key Stone